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GamingThread Gamesradar: 'I have seen Death Stranding at Gamescom and I finally understand what's going on'
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Trolling and Antagonizing Other Users Over Multiple Posts and Threads
Mah shooting. waaah.Only in the eyes of nothings.Literally. You're right. Not shooting with a gun, not riding a bike, not using stealth to evade monsters and people, not fighting hand to hand with enemies and trying to escape them, not descending mountains with ropes, not managing stuff like drinking water, sleeping, and weight management, not fighting a huge monster in a boss battle, nope, just walking, fall of cliffs, ladders, and pee. sigh.... How can this blatant trolling driven by a dislike of someone's character fueled by jealousy of someone's accomplishments be allowed in a forum that supposedly celebrates the medium?