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"We do not allow our members to make claims or arguments not based on reality"

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GamingThread Can somebody explain to me the genius of Hideo Kojima?
Reason User banned (duration pending): hostility, aggressive whataboutisms, sexist concern trolling + previous infractions about racism and sexism
What the fuck are you guys even talking about? MGS 1,2,3 WERE great and critically acclaimed games. The stuff he did after that does not change that in the slightest. What is this logic? OoT is unplayable to me nowadays...yeah, let's call it a bad game and question the MC from 1998.... Let's be consequent and ban all discussion about Kojima and his work on this board and in order to avoid hypocrisy let's ban all discussion about Dragonball, Yakuza, Senran Kagura, DOA, Xenoblade 2 and many others...because all of these feature the same level of pervy female exploitation. Man, you guys are really starting to make my blood boil with this nonsense. And btw: your keyboard campaign against Kojima won't help the millions/billions of women who really are treated like shit in this world and it won't stop the better off women from pursuing careers where the exposure of their body is part of the job. Good lord...