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"This thread's premise is reactionary and unproductive"

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EtcetEraThread Dating App Pet Peeves
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): Rationalizing and excusing racism, account in junior phase.
Yeaaaaaah no. For the record, I am attracted to all races, as long as the individual meets my standard for attraction, so this in no way applies to me. But, sexuality is not a learned behavior, it is innate. Also true is that certain races of people have defined physical attributes. I’m not going to get into that convo because it wouldn’t be productive listing off what they are, but to deny that claim is just false. Knowing those two things, if a person is not attracted to certain physical features, that doesn’t make them racist. It just means they aren’t attracted to them. Period. End of story. No need to overthink this. Now there’s a big difference between thinking an entire race is unattractive versus not being attracted to a certain race. The former is rooted in negative biases on physicality - “All _______ are unattractive.” - and believing it to be a general fact of life. The later is not racist and more along the lines of “I’M not attracted to ________.”