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GamingThread Need for Speed Heat Official Reveal Trailer (PC/Xbox One/PS4 - November 8th 2019)
Reason User warned: "lazy dev" rhetoric is not allowed. Please review our FAQ.
Such a dissapointment. Can't they get out of the fucking box for once and do something DIFFERENT? Fuck man, does EA ever hear us? Same shit over and over when they have the juice to make much better and unique nfs game. That girl's voice acting just irritated the shit outta me for some reason, not to mention that goofy ' right nowww'. And i don't even need to see any gameplay. Those 5 seconds were enough. Looks exactly the same as nfs 2015 handling wise and judging from this trailer which again looks so freaking repetitive, i can see the devs laziness so i'm not expecting the handling to be any different but we'll see i guess. And 30fps? Nope i ain't touching no goddamn racing game in 30fps. When The Crew came out, i got it for ps4 and game played like a turtle. It was legit unplayable and looked like those old xbox OG racing games full of slow mo and loads of blur. When I tried the crew on PC, game felt like a total different and it was totally enjoyable to the point that I made those hour long races which takes you places from highways to cities then hills and mountains, which was awesome and refreshing. But nope EA will just stick to their core which has failed consequtively through the last years and looks like it's down the same outcome.