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EtcetEraThread Barr on Police - "Comply first" "Complain later" "Zero tolerance for resisting police"
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Dismissive Commentary on Systemic Issues Over Several Posts
This was one of the tragic cases I was referring to with respect to police recognition of mental health issues. You have to admit this was very much a freak incident where there is little to indicate what motivated the officer to shoot, if anything. His reaction to the incident seemed that even he didn't know, and potentially regretted it. The only conclusion to draw is that he was poorly trained, and should have never been carrying a rifle. I can't speak to the details of the case. It seems the jury couldn't agree it was "attempted manslaughter" (and that makes sense really). But regardless of charges, he should have been dismissed. It's a tragic accident, but I fail to see how you can use this to draw sweeping conclusions about police behavior - which is something we like to do every time we see one of these videos. A handful of incidents on the internet amidst literally hundreds of thousands of arrests per year. There is a reason scholars devote decades to studying this sort of thing, instead of declaring they know what the problems are after watching a viral video or two. Every case is complex, and different.