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EtcetEraThread Massive Chinese Armored Police Convoy Mobilizing Towards Hong Kong, Beijing Based Military Expert Says It's Only For Drills
Reason User Banned (1 week): Inflammatory Generalizations and Xenophobic Rhetoric
Most people around the world don't really care for uncivilized Chinese. With 100s of them coming into Hong Kong everyday, the chances of the Chinese population in HK being uncivilized are not liitle t, i am not surprised that racists remarks were used against them by Hong Kongers. We have similar comments here in Singapore against them too , because some of them are really uncivilized and rude (stop shitting and peeing everywhere man , Washrooms are everywhere ) :/ Not excusing the xenophobic behaviour but this protest bring out a lot of rage and comments like these are not surprising. They should direct the anger to the government though, most Chinese don't deserve the insults especially when they think that Hong Kongers are also their family. Fuck, i understand the anger but some protesters are doing things that will only do damage to their cause.