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EtcetEraThread What's the deal with antifa?
Reason User Warned: Hostility over a series of posts in the thread, misrepresenting other members
I'm sitting here, calling your "personal stories" anecdotes, accompanied by baseless bullshit you picked up from BILD. You still keep treating Antifa as a monolithic entity, as long as you do that, it's completely pointless to at all try and discuss this with you. You're living in your own little bubble. Going to any sort of demo or rally and complaining about people protesting violently is extremly silly, though, it's ALWAYS been that way, not only in Germany, and it has nothing to do with Antifa. As long as you refuse to get that, I'll continue seeing your experience as BILD level bollocks. I could write an essay about what I think of Antideutsche, honestly, they don't stand for a lot of what I stand for. But as long as we step up against Fascists, they're always "welcome" on my side. (Not like that's my decision or anything, since, again, not an organized group with memberships and shite) Thing is, a lot of younger people (most Antideutsche, really) are still blind to their ideology and quick to go down more extreme paths that Otto-Normal won't or can't condone, but those people aren't "Antifa", all of "Antifa", or even a large part of "it", they're just individuals with their own ideals. See the following response to West if that's not clear enough. And I'm sorry, if you felt personally insulted, but it's always the same damn stuff people who say "I'm left but not Antifa" bring up, it usually ends in "but they burn cars!" and eventually goes into the good old Hufeisen, I've little patience for that stuff, especially if I see someone isn't willing to budge from the stereotypes. You keep saying that Antifa is made up of small groups with cute little gang names in Austria, and I'm telling you that that's cliquey bullshit that has nothing to do with Antifa. And that's not really my bar, that IS the bar. Anything else is stuff you add to it because somewhere, somehow you've seen things that are associated with Antifa, it just doesn't work that way though. "We" don't shoo people away, "we" don't have a bar to pass, membership requirements or anything. Anyone who stands up against the same sort of crap as us, is with us. And no, that doesn't mean condoning violent protests, burning Twingos or whatever. It doesn't even mean liking it, or turning a blind eye to it. The way you, yourself, act as Antifa, is what you yourself are accountable for, what you condone, and what you think is right. You're not responsible for the actions of the Black Bloc or anything. Did that help to make my point more clear?