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"We're getting heavily played."

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GamingThread Days Gone best selling new IP of 2019 (so far) in UK
Reason User warned: Thread Whining and Console Warring
Because it probably didnt. By what accounts ? Accounts like this ridiculous thread? US and China generate 70 billion dollars anually in game sales. Yet we make threads like this posting how UK generated a whopping 1 billion so far. The game has a couple hundred thousand sales and the posts we make are "its gonna set records" or it did extremely well. People keep trying to artificially inflate this game so they can nab another one in the sony exclusives list worth playing. The middling reviews all of a sudden dont matter, but matter for other games where they align with the narative. User scores from metacritic became this solid reference and indicative of the game's quality overnight. Its pretty ridiculous the stuff around this game