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GamingThread Campaign for More Male Same-Sex Romances in Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): Dismissive commentary surrounding LGBT representation; prior ban for similar behavior
If the creator of those characters and that story came out and said anything along the lines of "Yeah that was my original intent, but we ended up having to change it" then yeah, fuck yeah. Restore the creator's original intent. Further expand the world and characters. heaven's know Fire Emblem could use more characters that are more than just paper thin personalities... I dislike the idea of users imposing change to creative vision. Specially after completion of the work. I prefer user welcoming more broad changes going forward. Empowering creators to go ahead and explore those characters in their vision. I don't want professional game creators making my OC, i want them to create characters i gravitate towards. And if i can cast my OC in that mix, i'll do so gladly. Let me use a dumb and super extreme example. If an RPG had an Homophobic character... not implied... just straight up, homophobic... i wouldn't want the creator to remove that character or change it. I would simply deny that product my attention or money. Because that's his creative vision, that's what they wanted to write and make. And they are allowed to do that. Im allowed to find that dumb and 150% fucking stupid to do... and i can hope they never make a dime out of it and that their creative vision never leads to profit or success... but i wouldn't want to force them to change it "cause i really like the brand it's attached to" . On that same note... there is this... "many of the male characters already actually can have an implicit..." Implicit. So maybe the creator's intent was to be left to your interpretation cause they didn't want to get explicit about it. I would rather say "well i hope next time you feel comfortable going explicit, cause that soft touch implicit stuff is boring as hell... btw, if you don't, i just might stop caring all together." than going "we all know what you meant, just CHANGE IT" .