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GamingThread Ooblets will be exclusive to Epic Games Store on PC
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Conspiratorial Rhetoric Surrounding Harassment; Prior Related Ban
This is the near "Fake News" type strategy. On the one hand Epic want to show that they will support developers signing up with them, which of course they should. Then they trivialise arguments against their service, and the Ooblets developers communication and stances. Without doubt, there has been a very loud minority doing awful things (as the internet does), including death threats etc, and perpetuating anger with doctored images etc. However, in this case, there has been ridiculous sentiment from the developer that is not fake, and even included in the developers blog - and their continued doubling down and dismissal of their own audience's concerns or opinions. It's yet again a super polarised set of approaches from loud minorities, and the overwhelming majority who didn't speak, painted as "gamers", "toxic" etc I was following the game since being wishlistable on Steam, and am perfectly fine with any developers taking any offers of exclusivity etc to support themselves / studio (outside of the obvious AAA's that don't need that), to save themselves from massive risk. But when you show utter contempt for customers and their choices and opinions that are fully justified with regards to EGS, that's me out permanently.