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GamingThread Arslan Ash has made Tekken 7 history winning EVO Japan and EVO back to back, a video chronicles his struggle to even participate in those competitions
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It's funny, in the arcade days it was often said how everything was a mystery. Nobody really knew who was the best but everyone thought their best guy was the real best. Stuff like this wasn't supposed to happen anymore. We're supposed to know who's the best and a unknown is never supposed to win. Maybe they make it far and impress a lot of people, but not win. But here we are. Arslan won EVO Japan, came back to prove that he isn't a fluke and the Pakistani scene was secretly the best the whole time and not South Korea. When was the last time the "real" best player or scene was unknown to everyone like this in modern times? My background is Street Fighter and I just can't imagine the equivalent happening in that game. Same probably goes for players of many other games regardless of genre.