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"It seems this conversation has become unproductive."

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EtcetEraThread WSJ: Bots target Kamala Harris, racist conspiracy theories during Dem debate
Reason User Banned (1 week): off-topic hostility, prior ban for similar behavior.
I already did explain this to you. When the emphasis of the discussion is on Russian bots saying the exact same rhetoric that American people are already using to deflect the actual criticism away, that of systemic racism that was driven by a person's actions in office and the policies supported by that person (who is currently a likely presidential candidate of that party) then youre ignoring the fundamental driving forces that perpetuate racism in the first place, and likely doing so intentionally. This is the PREDOMINANT argument being used surrounding the Harris topic on this forum (that its actually the Russian bots thats the issue, not actually the criticisms of Harris herself). One does nothing to drive systemic racism, the other does. I never said the Russian bot tweets werent racist so idk why you keep trying to bring that up like I suggested or inferred it.Just so youre aware about that posters history 1. Thinks anyone who brought up drone strikes killing hundreds of thousands of innocent lives by Obama and Hilary wasnt a legitimate criticism 2. Thinks we need to be more understanding of the 94 crime bill, arguably the most harmful piece of legislation to the Black community since emancipation 3. Russian bots are the real problem with the criticism of Harris 4. War crimes against Korea = ok Among many others. I wouldn't worry about him.