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EtcetEraThread If gender is a social construct, how can we explain gender identity?
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Transphobia, previous severe infractions.
I had a really interesting discussion on this the other day with a friend. We were talking about how some children want surgery to change gender. He made the point that just because you want to play with dolls and wear pink doesn't or shouldn't make you a girl, and playing football or wearing blue shouldn't make you a boy, and that if anything, performing surgery on people in order to make them feel like they fit preconceived stereotypes of what a boy or girl should be like is just as old fashioned and backwards. If anything we should say it doesn't matter what your body looks like or what you wear, being a boy or girl doesn't mean you have to act like this or that to fit in, so it shouldn't mean you have to change your body either.