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GamingThread Ooblets will be exclusive to Epic Games Store on PC
Reason User Banned (3 days): Trolling and Misrepresenting Other Users; Account in Junior Phase
I knew this would be coming. Why, you say? All the main reasons for the anti-EGS rage are just consumer-biased, never thinking about development issues. Unreal Engine license, plus extra funds and the added discoverability (just a few games at EGS vs the tens of thousands in other stores) is something which can hardly be rejected. Also, he's obviously right. I've been reading a bunch of users in this forum sarcastically saying "". Not only is another launcher, but it is also a free one. I am a person who doesn't put consumer rights above worker rights. Assuming that EGS is "hurting" my "rights" as a consumer, that is (they probably gave more than 200$ in games for free, but whatever).