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"Alt-right is weaponizing "outrage culture". Clever Girl."

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GamingThread Ooblets will be exclusive to Epic Games Store on PC
Reason User banned (duration pending): derailing by repeatedly attacking and misrepresenting moderation + recent ban for the same thing
Just download it for free instead of buying it. They don't need your money any more. Epic have already gone from giving away one game a month, to one game every two weeks, to weekly, and now two games a week. Why buy anything on the store? The entire library will be free soon enough.They are a husband and wife team with ~1200 patreon subscribers, who had already signed a publishing deal with Double Fine. They split from Double Fine about eight weeks ago because they wanted to "self-publish" the game (were in contact with Epic about a deal).It sounds like they were already in contact with Epic when they decided to drop Double Fine and "self-publish" the game, as the announcement ended with: “I should hopefully have some even more exciting news in a few weeks so keep a lookout for that...”The difference is that they're used to it, and they accept it. No-one is complaining unless it's It's more that a lot of PC gamers have left this site entirely now or stay out of anything related to EGS because the moderation was doing nothing about trolls "just asking questions" and banning the wrong people. was recently banned for a heated response to unfounded accusations of racism in one of the threads, while the moderation team felt it was not necessary to even the accuser. Complaining about this resulted in myself being banned. Still nothing for the troll stirring up shit. The mods encourage it; it's like they're trying to make these discussions as toxic as possible so they can point any say "look how toxic PC gamers are".They are trolls and should not be responded to. Unfortunately it's difficult to ignore.PC gamers had it too good for too long. Anything which upsets them is okay with me. Signed, Shitposters, Trolls, ResetEra moderation team.