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EtcetEraThread The House Voted To Condemn The Boycott Israel Movement Over Protests From Reps. Ilhan Omar And Rashida Tlaib
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Whataboutism, Conflating Citizens with their Leadership, and Dismissing Concerns of Victims of Violence Over Multiple Posts
It's not their fault, it's just a fact that the left-wing parties can't form a coalition with them because of obvious reasons. These parties will never be part of the coalition so in order for the Israeli left to be in power again they need to form a coalition with some light right-wing parties and the ultra-religious parties which is usually a problem because some of the left parties are trying to make the country more secular so forming a coalition with the ultra-religious parties is almost impossible. And don't make excuses for the Arab parties in Israel. The Arab population in Israel is great but most of their politicians are horrible, they are the reason no one will take them aboard to a coalition. How can a party sit in a coalition with a party like BALAD which calls for murdering of Jews? I mean, some common sense, do you really think any party will sit in a government that includes this weird-ass politician? They will be kissing their political carrier goodbye.Does it work though? They exist for over a decade, what results did they bring? Forcing Sodastream to move their factory from the west benk into Israel resulting in over 600 Palestinians losing their very lucrative jobs? Making Lorde cancel her show? Did any of this help the Palestinians? I can see Palestinians losing their jobs because of the BDS, I can see Israelies rounding up around right-wing politicians because of the BDS, but how did it help the Palestinians in the past one and a half decades?So why keep saying Genocide if there isn't one? Why keep saying Apartheid there isn't one? Israel is occupying the Palestinians, so using words like "stop the occupation" makes a lot of sense. But because it's really easy to demonize a country by using random words like "genocide" and "apartheid", it's great PR so people use it. What will happen if Israel annexes the whole West Bank? I don't know, probably not genocide but the end of Israel IMO but that's just an opinion. If Israel wanted to genocide the Palestinians, they were gone 50 years ago when the conflict has started in 1967.What does Israel benefit from this conflict? Overspending on the army? Overspending on infrastructures in the west bank? Citizens under rocket fire? Burning fields? The BDS? What's their gain? If the Palestinians wanted peace, they wouldn't have started blowing up buses as a reaction to the Oslo accords, said no twice, in 2000 and 2007, and wouldn't have made Gaza a terror state after Israel left in 2005. The last one, the whole Gaza thing, is actually one of the main reasons Israel is so right-wing right now. After that, the idea of peace started fading away.