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EtcetEraThread University laptops - what is it with MacBooks?
Reason User Banned (3 days): platform warring and inflammatory commentary; accumulated infractions
Macs are for the computer illiterate, and college students by and large are fucking pathetic things. Can’t fucking spell, can’t fucking write competently, can’t be on time, can’t make good grades outside a 10 point scale. I had one kid tell me he didn’t actually know how to print wirelessly from his Mac. Having been a TA for most of my college years I could go on about how fucking stupid college kids are, but I won’t. You do NOT need a Mac for college. The cheap ass $300 chrome book/PC will do the job. You’re going to drop it, spill shit on it and do other things to it. My university provided mac access to the kids that needed them because they are prohibitively expensive. I admit they are useful but the average college kid doesn’t need one. Your department should let you know if you do. Side note: OS aside the Surface Book 2 shits on every MacBook from a great height. And the Surface Studio....yeah I don’t know a single art student that doesn’t want Apple to make something comparable.