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GamingThread I actually don't hate Epic Game Store
Reason User Warned - Platform Warring
To me isnt about features. To me is about Tim being a liar and a hypocrite, that also has a messiah complex and Epic having awfull business practices that goes agaisnt everything i want for the PC as a platform Then again i dont care too much about it, because since they barely dick wave about sales and they change their strategy time to time shows that nothing is working for them and the store is pretty far away from being a succes. A real shame, they are gonna have it rough from now on. Destiny 2, Halo, Gears and so on being released on Steam, MS launching Xbos App + Game pass (an app with actual features, still barebones tho), EGS didnt secure at E3 and beyond something that actually matters in the market, Nintendo destroying this end of year and 2020 having new consoles on the market. So yeah, EGS defense force im seeing you in PC ERA threads (oh wait...!)