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EtcetEraThread People who sing the N-word in songs while not black
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Inflammatory commentary concerning racism, prior infractions for trolling.
It creates a division. That is clear to everyone I think. You agree, I hope. You do not say some words because they are racist, etc... That is not bringing us together that is also separating and very negative. But you can belong to a group based on different criteria. And to me, if you are fans of someone this creates a bond between other fans. And if you are excluded of saying things then you are out of that group. Like some say already, color wasn't the metric, now you say that only black people can say it. Which of course leads to other problems. And that has been laid out already on this thread, but nobody likes to pick that up. That's because like so many things it isn't as simple as it seems on the surface. And it is not about saying that word. I think that anybody can avoid that word. I never ever say it, maybe only if I listen to rap (but that is pretty limited). It is much deeper then that. But like I said I don't say it and I wouldn't say it if it offends people. About the connection thing, you gloss over that much to easily and quickly imo.