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GamingThread Partnered Twitch Streamer Alinity chucks cat over her head mid-Apex match, also spits vodka into her cat's mouth
Reason User banned (3 days): downplaying animal abuse
Dang, that title. There is a difference between spitting vodka into her cat's mouth and getting the cat to lick her lips which has vodka on it even though both are dangerous to the cat. You made me think this was some crazy psychopath whereas what she actually did makes her seem negligent and idiotic.I guess you could call this a kick, but I don't see what's wrong with it. It doesn't look like she kicked it hard enough to hurt it at all. Unless you think that kind of prod people do with their hands to redirect their dog's attention to them and stop them from doing things is also morally reprehensible "punching" the dog, or maybe yanking the leash could be spun as choking. Prodding with your hand or foot, I don't see what the difference is as long as it's not excessive and isn't hurting the dog. inb4 I get banned for "defending animal cruelty" I guess.