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GamingThread Gears 5 to have the largest campaign in series history
Reason Ussr Banned (1 Day): unnecessary hostility, use of ableist language and meme
If it’s that easy then you would’ve done it lol. By all means Please Struggler, give us some insight on your amazing intellectual/argumentative abilities. I want to know just how disruptive gamepass is to MS games of the past present and future. I would LOVE to hear it... if you can find time in your busy schedule of bitching about “WHERES MY CAMPAIGN FOOTAGE REEEEEE.” I know your doing important work. Also don’t pm me, I won’t reply, not because I’m an asshole but because I’m on mobile and I’ve never pm’d anyone before so idek how to lol. Keep thread talk in the thread, crazy I know, but I’m here others would love to hear it as well.