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"a choice between right-wing liberalism and hard conservatism"

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EtcetEraThread Spineless Democrats and Republicans overwhelmingly vote to table impeachment resolution against the occupant of the White House
Reason User warned: personal attack
I'm not going to respond to you when it's clear how little you care about Ilhan Omar and her safety and how you're going to go on the same long-winded rant you always do about leftists and Bernie Sanders and how the Senate is needed to impeach and all the other shit you learnt about in Middle school civics class and never really analysed any further(half this forum has you on ignore for a reason buddy, noone likes talking to you, I can't imagine how insufferable you'd be in real life so maybe that's why you only post online 24/7.) Nancy Pelosi and the crop of anonymous establishment dems constantly taking pot-shots at the Squad certainly don't seem to care with how quickly they threw her under the bus, leading us into this whole mess where the president of the United States is openly calling for the deportation (not a stretch to think he wants her dead either) of a black congresswoman. These are the people you're siding with, even your regular liberal friends are turning against Pelosi. The only thing Pelosi has done is the equivalent of a strongly worded letter against Trump while not calling him a racist specifically, just that his words are racist. Real good opposition to fascism here.