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EtcetEraThread Spineless Democrats and Republicans overwhelmingly vote to table impeachment resolution against the occupant of the White House
Reason User banned (permanent): Long history of disruptive and aggressive behavior, hostility towards members and staff
FTFY. Era. We are fucking doomed. I just hope that when shit hits the fan, I will be at some place . Brazil isn't one of them, neither is the USA. I don't see how things could possibly get better without the escalation of a full blown world war, and it sucks because I made my living believing in the law. Believing in the system. Believing that people like me could hack the system and make this a better place. Era like a safe place, but fucking . If my head wasn't in a cool place, this place would be fucking toxic as fuck for me. And we question ourselves because shit like Etika happens. We are killing each other. We are punching down each other. If I get a ban out of this, that's fucking ok. I just ended a relationship but I'm eager to meet this girl that I've been quite infatuated with but fate magically brought us together after we both just broke up. I don't really care about box office records and shit like that. I care about things that make me hopeful in the world we are fucking living in. I care about escapism, in order to be ready to fight in real life, with real world issues. Do you want to break me, clique Era? The real world around us is worst than you but not even them could. Would I be sad if I got banned? Yeah. I would. But I don't fucking feel welcome here, and when this place started, it felt like a safe haven from all the shit that is going on in the real world. I don't really blame Era for becoming a fucking monster. The world went to fucking shit. I get that, but I wish we could stand together, you know? My home team just got a big win. My life doesn't suck. I'm proud of the life I lead up until here, regardless how hopeless everything else, including fucking Era makes me feel. But this is the nightmare we are all living in, isn't? "Go out there and vote". I will. And I will fight. I have all the reasons for it. I don't feel like I belong in this place. I'm fucking sick of the cliques and get hammered down every fucking day. This was supposed to be fucking safe haven for people like us. I've met crazy nice people. But the bad far much outweighs the good, and this goes all the way to the fucking top chain. Yep, I'm drunk, happy, crying and kinda proud of myself for having the guts to spell this shit out. We were supposed to be way fucking better than we are right now. We were supposed to not allow fucking bullies to thrive and shit over people like we do here. And yet, we fucking are not. This has become a place of fucking cliques and shit like just the "old place" and other shitholes in the internet. And when all the people at the top are complacent, what makes this places better than the other places again? And I'm fucking sick of it. Our world is fucking sick. Thank fucking the force I have a kick ass support system, thank the fuck I have good people, real life people around me. Because if I was suicidal, this place isn't fucking healthy. This place isn't healthy not even for people that are fucking healthy. We need to get fucking better on how we treat each other. The world has gone to fucking shit. Yes, FUCKING YES, ban permanently the bigots, the white supremacists, the homophobes, the transphobes, the racists, the sexists, the fucking rapists. But we need to learn to have more fucking empathy among ourselves, and remember that this was supposed to be fucking safe haven. Not for the fucking cliques. But for every fucking one of us. And if this is my last post around these parts, I am fucking damn proud of it. Banned or not, it just fucking might. Sick of this shit.