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Reason User Banned (3 Days): Inflammatory modwhining, accumulated infractions.
Man. I had to just hit ignore on the Etc thread. And the OP, too, who was so thirsty to make sure every complaint got a new threadmark. As the thread descended into a dogpile and banfest it just got really difficult to stomach. I'm hoping that if I can just use the ignore list feature I can enjoy the site a bit more than I have been, but it seems like toxic behavior by people who are ideologically aligned with the moderation's positions is bound to go unchecked, while crossing the moderation's personal beliefs will pretty much catch you a ban one way or another - usually because of the assertion that such disagreement constitutes "defending sexism," or "dismissing racism," no matter how careful the person is to say that they abhor sexist and racist actions they believe are happening, "Drive-by" is one that only comes out if you're not in lock-step, despite dozens of completely disingenuous, unsubstantiated, dismissive one-liners that are on the preferred side of a discussion flying by with no problem; it's a good catch-all if the mods just want to hit mute on someone who isn't down with the position being taken. This is not to say RLM is above criticism, but the discussion is never about criticizing a thing someone said, it's a rush to make a broader judgement call on who the person is. In that kind of environment it is really difficult to make this case that "I don't think they're that kind of person - here's why," even though that's the exact question being begged when the OP begins a crusade to cancel someone. And it's difficult because going there to make the discussion about the kind of person they are is engaging more with the general than the specific complaint, which treads into appearing to "handwave" or "dismiss" or "defend." I love how progressive this place is - the political threads are really fun for me for that reason, this is all just about the toxicity of the discussion trajectory that happens time and again and how moderation enables it. I don't notice it so much when the target is something I'm less familiar with, or if I agree unreservedly in the takedown in progress. In the case of RLM, it disturbed me quite a bit.