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GamingThread Tetris Effect coming to PC on July 23rd (4K, Rift/Vive VR support) - exclusive to Epic Games Store (see staff post)
Reason User banned (3 days): Trolling, excusing piracy.
Loads of people in the comments of the announcement saying that they'll pirate it instead of buying it on EGS. I don't think people should pirate, but at least in cases where they're pirating games that have gone EGS exclusive, the developer is still getting paid. Kinda minimises the worst element of piracy. Not advocating for piracy, I think it would be better if people just waited and bought it when it did hit their store of choice, but I do subscribe to the idea that piracy is a consequence of poor customer service more than anything else. The best way to minimise piracy is to have a customer-centric approach, and I do not think Epic are doing so, and thus an increase in piracy rates is a predictable and inevitable consequence of games going exclusive to EGS.