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"a choice between right-wing liberalism and hard conservatism"

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GamingThread Nintendo Spain has invited Sasel, an extremely hatefull youtuber, to an event to be a spokesman and the community is furious
Reason User banned (one week): Downplaying Bigotry, Dismissing Concerns over Same
Reading the OP, all I got was that he's a ... Well, typical male gamer: he takes part in platform war, and is anti-Sony(which is apparently super bad?), he does stupid shit for views, and he says horrible things about women... Which is just your typical gamer. I'm assuming that "misinformation" is regarding him making up shit to smear Sony? Reading the thread though, it seems he's a vocal supporter of the Spanish alt-right? Like, shouldn't that be in the OP instead of him being anti-Sony? Also, since I don't speak Spanish, is there something else about him that we should know? Because the hate against him seems to be in unison here, but I honestly can't give two craps about a Sony hater, the alt-right support thing is bad obviously, but I feel like the guy must have done some boogie's "we should meet in the middle with NAZI!" to warrant such reaction...