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GamingThread Nintendo Spain has invited Sasel, an extremely hatefull youtuber, to an event to be a spokesman and the community is furious
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Downplaying Bigotry, Dismissing Concerns over Same
This, if he is attacking Sony and praising Nintendo and Microsoft, must be toxic...isn't? Sure the guy has a LOT of haters but he has his opinions like everyone else and, it seems, his opinions nets him lots of views and popularity. Well, he attacks Nintendo and MS too, but with Sony is some kind of obsesion he has. Oh, and when he talks about the spanish press I cant be more right than he is, the spanish videogames sites are some of the worst Sony fanboy clubs I've ever seen in my entire life, totally biased opinions about everything and is something so obvious is not even funny anymore. And, because his anti-Sony war he has and his opinions about Spanish journalism he has lots of haters and is catalogued has "one of the most toxic spanish youtubers" here. Well, you have an example right in the OP