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GamingThread Pokemon Sword and Shield New Japanese Trailer [read staff post]
Reason User warned: Hostility towards other members.
I feel some people bandwagon on to hate parades and shit gets old. Start a new thread if you just want to talk about your gripes with the development etc. As someone who has never transferred pokemon to different games (played all of them since the beginning) the constant bitching and moaning is so damn old. Some people do not care about limits on older pokemon, hell i think its kinda dope to limit them. Kinda like how Black/White were my favorite pokemon games since it limited the pokemon thru the main story to only new ones. I'm stoked to explore a new region, meet new characters, and see new pokemon. It has everything I want out of a new pokemon game and yet this opinion is "wrong" and "controversial" to some and its like calm down.