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"Omg everyone hide your baby rape videos before the alt right finds you too!"

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GamingThread CTR Nitro Fueled includes a racially insensitive skin for Tawna.
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Dismissive and Antagonistic Commentary and Inflammatory False Equivalence Surrounding Race Over Multiple Posts in this Thread
Because no one can take anything anymore, people just bitch and moan about EVERYTHING these days. Maybe I have thicker skin (pretty damn sure about it, actually), but not everything has to be taken under a microscope. Like I said, in this case call it player choice (and creative freedom); want to play with that particular skin, go ahead, else just avoid it. I'm white, you don't see me bitching about every fucking white person that doesn't look like me in a game. It's a game, who cares, just sell it if you really can't take it (or don't even buy it), or just take one of the other skins. You don't HAVE to pick it, you know, just ignore it. What a generation these days.