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"This stock drop has nothing to do with how Labo is or isn't selling."

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GamingThread Mordau devs official response after PC Gamer interview
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Excusing Racism and a History of Dismissive Behavior in Threads on Race
Believe it or not, there are more important things in my life than worrying about a developer handling an interview poorly and being a small team that is overwhelmed by a toxic community. Why should I allow that to impact my enjoyment of the game? Many people are able to separate the art from the artist but I also still don't believe these developers are some sort of woman-hating nazis. A small team can only do so much to control the toxicity of their community and as many others have said, a majority of multiplayer games have toxic communities. This game/team just appears to be the pick of the week because of a poorly handled interview