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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

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GamingThread The behaviour of a significant part of the Pokemon community over the last few years has been toxic and irresponsible. It is time to stop.
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): History of bad faith attacks on staff
What a surprise! Another example of the incompetent moderation of this website. Asides from that, I have to agree with the OP: whether or not you're happy with the decision regarding the National Dex, the amount of vitriol I've seen on this website and online (Twitter, etc.) really goes to show how little of an understanding people have with game development, and how much effort goes into the games they make. Whether or not you're happy with the final project, in most cases (except shovelware, really), a ton of work and effort goes into games (across multiple teams and groups of people) that people neglect to appreciate because "muh Pokemon are gone". Would I like every Pokemon to be in Sword/Shield? Of course. But would it stop me buying the game? No, because I understand the immense effort that would be needed to maintain such a large and diverse cast of Pokemon and how it'd be unrealistic in 20/30 years time for every Pokemon to be compatible with each new installment. Equally though, I accept that the team could reasonably pull this off if they hired lots of new people (contractors, for instance - with the sole job of updating Pokemon for the game and adding their moves/animations/other data) and delayed the game, given that Pokemon is the world's largest IP (by revenue) - it wouldn't be a money problem. So it's a tough situation, because there are both sides to the argument. The issue is that both sides (for the most part) are failing to at least countenance the other sides' argument. And of course, this leads to the harassment of people online. As per usual. It's such a shame, because it's ruining the buildup to what should otherwise be a pretty fine game, even if I'm personally not buying it (I'm not into Pokemon).