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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

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GamingThread Epic CEO Tim Sweeney Says Only Exclusive Deals Can Combat Steam (see staff post for discussion guidelines)
Reason User banned (5 days): Ignoring the staff post and antagonizing other members over several posts in the thread
Maybe you should check how anti-trust laws work. You do not need to have 100% control to be considered a monopoly and sued. See, I actually live in the real world, where everything is grey, and Steam is not a god and EGS is not the devil. I couldn't care less about either. People are just so worked up by this it's laughable. Look at the people responding with one liners to me - someone said it's "the worst comment they've ever read" lol seriously? on the internet? okayyyyyyyy. Y'all need to just chill out.