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GamingThread Google Stadia Pro (4K/60, 5.1 surround) $9.99 a month. Stadia Base (1080/60) requires no subscription.
Reason User Banned (2 Week): Continued pattern of hostility towards other members over platforms and services; muliple related infractions
The post from the Netflix tech team does not contradict my post. The problem is that you believe things are one way, but they are the other way. Netflix delivers an H264/H265 product. Netflix does not deny this. Netflix uses viewership data from each region to determine which shows to serve up as fully (all quality levels available) encoded in advance, which to serve up as partially (only certain quality levels) encoded in advance, which to encode on the fly. Netflix does not deny this, and I do not deny this. My post earlier covers this in depth. As I have already stated, my earlier posts do not present me as an expert. You are reading into my posts and assigning words and roles that I do not claim. I never claimed, for instance, that Netflix and Stadia will achieve the exact same compression ratios. They will use similar levels of bandwidth for a similar level of quality and frames delivered - 60 frames at 20mbps from Netflix will be similar to 60 frames at 20mbps from Stadia. Again, stop assigning beliefs and statements to me that I never made and don't necessarily believe. Stick to the actual words of my posts, presented in context. Since there is no substantive disagreement between what you cite and what I post, I don't think we have anything else to talk about.