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"a choice between right-wing liberalism and hard conservatism"

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EtcetEraThread Long-term relationship/Married Era: How happy are you in your relationship?
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Misogynistic rhetoric, multiple severe prior infractions
I have been inside and privy to many people's relationships. People generally struggle. What amazes me is how most people in this thread gloss over it so easily. The funny thing about relationships is how they can go from 5/5 to 2/5 in an instant. Say your girlfriend loses her father or someone close to them and then they suddenly change. Most women with children go through chemical changes where they are predisposed to share emotions with their children while neglecting the husband - happens all the time. I've seen it everywhere. I've literally talked to thousands of women. That is not hyperbole. I've talked to them candidly about their wants/needs, their relationships, their struggles. I've done this since I was a teen and I am almost 38 years old. exaggeration. In my experience people paint rosy colors on their relationships to strangers - I know this for a fact because most women would do just that and then eventually become honest with me over time and the actual picture would become clear. Lots of women have cheated on their partners (sometimes with me) because they simply were not happy. Don't conflate happiness and love. I love my wife. We are often unhappy because of the circumstances of our lives. We do our best - sometimes our personalities work to sabotage happiness if it appears. We work through it. My parents love each other. They fight and bicker all of the time. My wife's parents divorced and remarried to other partners. Each of them struggle with their partners. My wife's best friend struggles with her partner. My wife's other friend had a partner die on her due to alcoholism and remarried - has struggles My wife's other friend has someone who have anger issues and destroys stuff in the house. My best friend has struggled My other married friend struggles sometimes. My grandparents struggled when they were alive. ... I don't know a single relationship I've ever encountered in my life personally or by proxy that was a 5/5 or even a 4/5. Maybe young me when I first met my wife, but like I said all new relationships are 5/5 until the moment they aren't and we almost never can see the deep water from far away - it almost always smacks us in the face suddenly. So for those of you who claim to be 5/5 or even 4/5 and claim so honestly and with no naivete - enjoy it while it lasts. Truly. What you have is rare.