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"This thread's premise is reactionary and unproductive"

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GamingThread Pokemon is forced to an HD console and now - the developers are out of excuses
Reason User Warned: Lazy dev rhetoric
Pure laziness end off and Gamefreak turned Pokémon into a gimmick I’m tired of Gamefreak introducing new features and taking them away from us Mega’s / people love them you can take away Z Moves / same thing Pokémon following you people love them also National Pokédex is the last straw the Pokémon slogan is gotta catch em all Christ above Gamefreak your just lazy at this point. Pokémon is a billion dollar franchise hire more staff If anyone enjoys giganticmaxing this gen make the most of it, it will be gone next gen that’s what sucks here I’m am excited for sword and shield but the game is not impressive it looks like a HD 3DS game nothing about the game screams we’re giving it our all there just phoning it in :( I’ll will be buying Pokémon soars I’ve been with the franchise since day 1 and from gen 1-5 it’s been epic but gen 6-7 Gamefreak the jump to 3D & HD Gamefreak I dunno what’s wrong with them Gamefreak delayed diamond and pearl back in gen day yeah? Do the same here and add in everything. Don’t create it if you can’t support it in the future