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"[mod edit: don't do this]"

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GamingThread Mike Pondsmith's (Cyberpunk 2020 creator) response to some Cyberpunk 2077 criticism (accuracy to his orig. work, race representation) [see staff post]
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Repeated hostility towards other members; backseat modding
You might like to pretend that, but I've read this thread. I've seen the posts in this thread. This thread EXISTS as an excuse to sideline complaints from marginalized people. Not all opinions are created equally. You might say that there's debate to be had. But this thread is treating it like the creator's statement means that the debate is over. There is no value to highlighting that in this context. You look hostile when you try. Context matters. Your post does not exist in a context that makes me look kindly upon you.