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GamingThread Is the gaming community more toxic/juvenile than others
Reason User banned (duration pending): trolling, gatekeeping, dismissing bigotry, account in junior phase
The most toxic part of gaming is what’s become the most toxic part of society itself, that is, the vocal minority that like to nitpick and start drama where there is none. This typically happens with people who claim to be part of the gaming community but aren’t actually so. Recent examples of this are the idiotic comments about Cyberpunk 2077’s cover art being a “white male” when in fact the art is reversible with a woman on the other side, and the issue with the “transphobic” ad in the two gameplay demos shown. People just like to hate and, while it scares game devs and publishers, this minority in no way represents the gaming community as a whole. Most people just want to enjoy the games they enjoy without being berated for it.