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GamingThread Polygon: CDPR responds to sexualized trans advertisement in CyberPunk 2077 (Read Staff Post Before Posting)
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Dismissing Concerns on Transphobia, Misrepresenting Arguments, and Accusations of Outrage Culture; Account in Junior Phase
It took maybe several seconds of critical thinking to come to the same reasons as the CDPR rep stated here. I swear some folk go out of their way to deliberately extrapolate and twist information and context just in order to get and outrage mob building. Looking at the comments in the other thread... some of these folks should be embarrassed by their emotional outbursts and need to get a grip. And in this thread there are people flip flipping more than a fish out of water "oh that's fine definitely going to buy now" Maybe instead of jumping to conclusions and condemning an entire collection of people "CDPR are transphobic" we should allow creatives to show us or tell us, perhaps give them the benefit of the doubt and not take things out of context until we have a more complete picture and understanding, otherwise we risk completely stifling creative voices from exploring uncomfortable, controversial, finge or taboo subjects. In 24 hours this game has gone from a transphobic and racist alt-right piece of propaganda to "hyper-progressive". Jesus H. Christ