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GamingThread Polygon: CDPR responds to sexualized trans advertisement in CyberPunk 2077 (Read Staff Post Before Posting)
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The way I see it? They are creating a game about a DYSTOPIAN future ( for those who don't understand what it means). So, if they are committed to their vision, they should make things like racism, ethnical divisions, sexualisation, trans people treatment worse than they are now, not better. People are giving them sh*t because of how black the Animals gang was. How inconsiderate it was to have a white protagonist kill those stereotypic black criminals. Well, in a society as depicted in Cyberpunk, people should have it even more difficult to escape their ethnic ghettos, so this is a reasonable choice to depict gangs as same race/same ethnic groups (especially not caucasian). The image of the trans person with a "mix it up" slogan is very inappropriate, on the nose and inconsiderate. Exactly how I would expect advertisements in a corporate ruled, dystopian future to be. I would even go farther. Reading comments on RPS, PCGamer or Kotaku under articles regarding this situation there is a lot of people hoping that the devs will present that in the context that clearly defines that kind of thing as wrong. And I for one, hope to God they will not. The Witcher 3 was great, because it gave you every opportunity to act like a d*ck and then would show you the consequences of your action. If you were a d*ck IRL, they probably didn't bother you much, as no one told you something like "that was the BAD choice to make". If you were not a d*ck IRL however, it made you question your decision and maybe feel a little bit bad in the process. I hope in Cyberpunk, thet will crank it up to 11. Give you every opportunity to embrace the dystopian future and live an easy life of an inconsiderate, sleazy bastard. I hope it will give you a choice to exploit trans people, capitalise on racial stereotypes and do all manners of morally disgusting stuff and benefit from it. And then it should show you the consequences of your actions. Not in some over-narrated, closed-to-interpretation way, that would simply point out how terrible a person you are. In the real world, the consequences of such actions are often subtle, but the problem is that the privileged western culture CIS population often doesn't even see them. I think a lot of people would reflect on their real life behaviour even if given subtle clues on how what they do affects minorities. And some will choose this path and thrive, some will feel shitty about themselves for choosing the easy and immoral way. I also hope, the decent man's path will be harder and less rewarding in terms of loot/money. As it should be harder and it should be a more difficult thing to be a decent person in a world ruled by indecent men. Being decent should be it's own reward. In the end that journey could really make a lot of those not politically engaged on one side or the other (AKA a huge majority of people) change something about their lives for the better. And from what I can tell from CDPR interviews so far, that is where they are going with it. And I would really implore all the minorities that feel offended by that to let them. I understand you would feel better if someone would show that they give a damn about how you are treated with a very direct message like "this is bad, this is good". But ask yourselves this - what would do your cause more good? Having the privileged CIS majority play a game that for 200 hours tells them on every occasion "Treat LGBTQ People right! And ethnic minorities too!" or putting them for said 200 hours in a virtual world where they can witness realistically (but slightly more pronounced, as all things in Cyberpunk should be) shown consequences of mistreating minorities and letting them draw their own conclusions? I, an overweight CIS male, a typical nerd gamer, can give you some insight in that regard. And I have a feeling my fellow CIS gamers would agree with me.