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GamingThread dr disrespect banned from Twitch
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Dismissing Racism
In what world making fun of an accent or pretending to talk another's language makes you a racist? Comedians do it all the time, I'm french and plenty of americans make fun of the notorious accent when we speak English, does it make it racist? Is typing "Zee Germans" racist as well? Call it stupid or childish but defining it racist is kinda stretching it in my opinion. The guy is a moron for his video stunt and he deserves the ban from E3 and Twitch (though I'm sure he'll be back to streaming in no time) but the piling up in this thread is something else. You guys got a big hard on for streamers. He cheated on his wife besides, that's between him, the wife and his closed ones, does that impact any of you? Is it that uncommon to be in the spotlight and for an adulterer?