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GamingThread MegaDrive Genesis Mini available on Sep.19 worldwide (NTSC + PAL; $79.99 with 2 controllers) - M2 doing emulation, Yuzo Koshiro doing menu music!?
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Decent ? Come one, dude :). Even the weakest mini (western version) equal the pretty good SNES mini. OK, it has the mediocre Alex Kidd, Altered Beast but SNES mini doesn't have Schmup, BTA, Puzzle games, S-RPG... and we are not talking about "decent" Genesis counter parts. We are talking about God tiers Thunder Force 3, King Streets of Rage 2, the excellent Puyo/Robotnik, and Shining Emperor. Asian and Japanese versions are litterally blast processing rivals with 4 players fucking Hakusho, hilarious Rent a hero, Alien soldier(if Gunstar Heroes, Hard Corps weren't enough) and Musha Aleste to rape any resistance.:) No no no, Capcom's mini is decent, Snes quite good like the Genesis Mini but Asian's megadrive minis are excellent. :)