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"Why aren't we fighting these cunts on the streets again?"

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GamingThread This fetishized in-game ad from Cyberpunk 2077 raises some questions about how the game may depict LGBT (NSFW) [See Staff Post Before Posting]
Reason User Banned (permanent): dismissing concerns surrounding bigotry across a series of posts, account still in junior phase
I've read enough. This site is no longer a place I want to be. I've read for a long time, joined and briefly discussed, but you guys on here are worse than the people your fighting against. You put up these honey pot threads based on political agendas and then when anyone comes in and has anything that you percieve as a different view other than yours then it's full attack mode and then ban mode. If I truly dont see an issue with this then that needs to be something you must handle and understand. This is the future. If the author has depicted advertisements to be of this nature then that's the world you must accept.Thank you for this response. This is a response I can respect. I understand to some of you on here that this ad is disrespectful to you. It absolutely is not to me. Not one bit. You must understand that I do not see a single issue, but that doesn't give you the right to answer aggressively or label me as some insensitive bigot. Thank you for allowing me to see a different perspective rather than telling pointing or labeling.