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GamingThread Pokémon from Pokêmon Home can be transferred to Sword & Shield only if in Galar Pokédex
Reason User warned: "lazy dev" rhetoric is not allowed. Please review our FAQ.
Pokémon needs to evolve and I'm surprised it hasn't since deciding to move to the switch. They could of gone full BotW with Sword/Shield but decided against it. Based on this I would of assumed they didn't because they were continuing to have 800+ Pokémon available in the game. I guess I was wrong Gamefreak have apparently become lazy and greedy by keeping profit margins high but choosing not to revolutionize the turn based combat gameplay to a more action orientated system (FFXII). With 800+ Pokémon I do feel a sacrifice is needed however they haven't really improved anything for scarificing 700+ Pokémon. Unfortunately nothing will change unless Gamefreak give the development reigns to someone else. Can you imagine an open world action-rpg Pokémon game developed by CD Project Red? This IP deserves better.