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GamingThread Shenmue III is exclusive to the Epic Games Store, won't be coming to Steam (Info in Threadmark) [READ STAFF POSTS BEFORE POSTING]
Reason User banned (3 days): Inflammatory generalization.
What Yu Suzuki and Deep Silver did for Shenmu III is one of the most galling, outrageous and greedy move the gaming industry has ever seen. Do check the history :Kickstarter is based on an ideal and goodwill, they wouldn't exist without those. It shows their true character when they then take the most cynical and toxic choice possible with exclusivity on a fucking open platform. They turned their backs on the people who supported them and they did so without a shred of remorse or hesitation given the tone of their recent communication. To paraphrase it : "No, you don't get refunds. This is how it is. Fuck you." I don't know if it's a Japanese idea to sound so unapologetic and authoritarian when you are so much in the wrong but it's not going to do wonders for them. Has the press said anything yet about this or the impact Epic has on kickstarter which is, you know, the seedbed of most indies, gaming innovation and triumphs since 2012?