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GamingThread Atlus currently have no plans to port Persona 5 Royal to other platforms
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Pattern of platform warring while in junior phase.
No, I don't, just like I said above. First, Atlus is used to port games on Vita, they've done it for years, while they have yet to release a on Switch. How are you sure it takes more effort for them to release a game on the Vita, compared to the Switch ? Do you work in the company ? Have you ever released a game on Vita ? Are you a software developer ? Second, you're not seeing the full picture here. Atlus always had a faithful audience on the Vita in Japan. The same audience that bought the Persona dancing titles and many others games published by Atlus on the Vita. Releasing Catherine Full Body is just the natural continuation of feeding an audience that always supported you and if that's too hard to understand, just think of it as a gift to the people who supported them on the platform for so long. As an aside, do you think this audience will hesitate to support Atlus in the future ? Don't you think that - maybe - this strategy of being loyal to your customers is one of the reason they've been around for so long despite not breaking sales record left and right ? Do you start to see the bigger picture here ?What is your common-sens worth business-wise, exactly ? Isn't it just an opinion and nothing more ? I asked you for a solid proof there was an audience for Persona 5 on the Switch, a solid proof worth putting actual money on the table. You failed to provide any, outside of trying to convince me your common-sens is something else than one opinion among millions. I can understand that you're personally convinced that Persona 5 on Switch would be a good move. I respect that. However, insulting a publisher of being dumb for not answering your projected desire because you think that you're smarter than them is something else, entirely. Outlandish claims requires way more than what your common-sens is worth. Outside of Persona Q, all Persona mainline titles are Playstation bound since 1996 (with a single Windows port in its entire history). The franchise is around for 23 years. It has grow steadily with each iteration and is now at an all time high. Keeping the franchise on Playstation is a hard-proven strategy, regardless of you liking it or not. It's just all pure facts. Maybe it's worse the hassle of shifting the strategy to mutli-platforms release for the franchise, maybe it isn't. It would maybe expand the audience or it could alienate your existing one. Regardless, facts are stronger than fancy discussion-boards theorizing. You're the only who seems to be on the verge of exploding because someone disagree with you. I'm not the one accusing you of being a console warrior and insulting the legacy of a 33 years old publisher. I'm perfectly calm myself, don't worry.