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EtcetEraThread Neymar accused of rape
Reason User banned (1 week): concern trolling, aggressive attacks and accusations towards other members
Stepping into this thread is like entering the twilight zone. You guys don't care about the victims, women's rights or facts at all. All you care about is getting one in on the "other side". You are a bunch of narcissists who could never admit that they were wrong, because doing that would mean the "other side" won. You know what's funny though? The "other side" thinks exactly the same way and that is why nothing will ever change in the USA. And it's a disease that spreads to the countries that are culturally influenced by you. Because of it Trump will be re-elected, no matter how shitty he was as a president and the UK will leave the EU, no matter how much lies were told about the benefits of doing so. Because facts don't matter, morals don't matter, what only matters is my team winning over the opponent. I see this everyday when reading news and social media. And it's the same in this thread. No matter what evidence comes to light that the story of the alledged victim doesn't hold up, you cover your ears and repeat "I believe women". You're not feminists. All you do is making it harder for real victims to be heard, because the next time someone is accused everyone will point to Neymar's case although it's an outlier in a sea of real accusations.