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"This stock drop has nothing to do with how Labo is or isn't selling."

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EtcetEraThread Neymar accused of rape
Reason User banned (8 days): Arguing in bad faith, bringing up unrelated incidents to discredit sexual assault allegations over multiple posts.
Yes. After a bunch of nudes and sexting (and a trip from Brazil to Paris), she was allegedly raped by Neymar on their first meeting. The day after the rape, she texted him like nothing happened, talking about how good it was, how much she wants to have sex with him again, asking for a gift for her child (!), and so on... But it was all a trap to catch Neymar on video raping her again. During this new meeting, she asks for a beating, and since Neymar was unwilling to comply, she started to beat him instead. She got back to Brazil and 15 days later, after her lawyer failed to reach an financial agreement with Neymar's lawyers for an aggression perpetrated by the player, she filled a police report accusing Neymar of rape (and not only aggression), something that surprised even her (ex) lawyer. She said Neymar raped her because she didn't want to have sex with him without condoms (the risk of getting pregnant by a millionaire). Oh. She went through a physical examination by the police and no evidence of injury was found (beyond a hurt finger). She's also refusing to go back to the police to provide further explanations (she prefers to talk with TV stations). By the way, there are police reports saying she attempted to kill her ex-husband with a knife. It seems she have no profession and is passing through a lot of financial difficulties (including an eviction order). But some people are asking us to believe her, no matter what, and to consider Neymar a rapist. Sure.