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"It seems this conversation has become unproductive."

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GamingThread Destiny 2 "The Next Chapter" Reveal Stream Discussion Thread [Moon-focused expansion, F2P version, more]
Reason User Warned: Lazy Dev rhetoric
This is how I feel too, man. People in here can be mad but I'm not coming from a bad place, its cause i'm just frustrated at what this franchise could have become. As Datto kinda eluded to, the past few content drops are just like "go to this over here, then go to that over there, then go do this." None of it means anything in the grand scheme of things. And everytime they make a fancy ViDoc and hype something new, it is always barely acceptable and kind of cool but i'll buy it anyways only to find after 3 weeks it really does suck and it's just the same shit all over again. Datto brought up recycled content a few times. Luke's response was "the art guy put a different light source on it and it looked cool." It just feels lazy.