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GamingThread How would you prefer to consume games going forward?
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Advocating Piracy
I use some digital and some physical currently, but most of my digital is through Steam which has stood (mostly) the test of time and stayed available to me in like 10+ years. PC seems to be fine for digital but consoles are another story. I don't trust consoles/publishers to do the same because to be honest they haven't done the same. I upgrade my PC I can play the same games, I get the next console I practically get re-sold the same games again. I absolutely adore Nintendo and understand why their backlog isn't on the Switch store yet to give other games breathing room but I had hoped that switching to an all encompassing account would eventually lead to cross platform purchases but I see now I was naive in thinking that. I don't like anything that 1. Depends on an internet connection 2. I don't actually own the rights to. If gaming ever goes full digital I'll most likely see myself out of the scene or I'll pirate things moving forward if they become not available anymore. Game preservation is already in the shitter and I'm not buying the same games multiple times or dealing with things like pulling them off shelves/storefronts like they're starting to do.