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GamingThread Justin Roiland has a Trover Saves the Universe commercial made starring... JonTron
Reason User Banned (permanent): Excusing Bigotry; Antagonizing Other Users; Account in Junior Phase
This thread alone proves how incredibly elitist you all are. You cling to the idea that these people are the scum of the earth so you can farm free internet karma. Jon had a different opinion than you about politics. So what? He's funny. Cancel culture is so bizarre and outrageous. Justin is hilarious and has made fun of right-wing conservatives for years. If this ruins your night or causes actual distress within you... Might want to rethink your lives, or at the very least, reevaluate your emotional state. I'm sure I'll be banned for this, and you all can happily drag me through the mud for the karma! Cycle of internet life in 2019.